Energy, Climate Change and Sustainable Development

Majorityworld works to promote equitable low carbon climate resilient development throughout the developed and developing world.

Working across disciplines our strategic research and advisory services are needs-driven and collaborative involving work with a range of stakeholders. The intention is that this effort should reflects a participatory approach characterised by innovation and engineering excellence which recognizes the broader social, environmental, political and economic issues.

By uniquely focusing on what makes clean energy and climate change market creation projects work, MajorityWorld can provide significant added value that is not available elsewhere. Our detailed and specific knowledge of how to create markets stands out from generalist consulting firms in the industry.

 We work with our clients to develop a thorough understanding of the existing markets and develop their ideas into effective project interventions that meet the needs of local people, are appropriate for implementing agencies, and result in lasting benefits. By working with Majorityworld, your projects stand the best chance of success.    

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